Win A Car Every Night
8th AqabaConf2022 Participants Gifts
Jordan Insurance Federation will be giving away three 2022 MG Cars in a drawing during the three dinners of the conference.
Terms and Conditions:-
  • The drawing will take place during the three Gala Dinners at 10:00 PM at the following venues using the ID numbers of the participants registered through the website
    • InterContinental Aqaba 16/5/2022.
    • Beach Club, Saraya 17/5/2022.
    • Golf Club, Ayla 18/5/2022.
  • Drawing is open to all participants except to JIF`s and GAIF`s Board, Management and staff, CBJ`s staff and all representatives and staff of event management companies and subcontractors.
  • Winner(s) shall be excluded from further participation in subsequent drawings.
  • The gifts (Cars) will be delivered to the winners within 5 working days of the drawing at Mecca Street Showroom.
  • The gift (Car) is rewarded free of customs, taxes, insurance, registration, and all government fees, including income tax as per all applicable laws.
  • JIF will hand the winner a letter authorizing receipt of the Car alteration providing proof of payment of all customs, duties, and / or fees; or to pay JIF said amounts to pay on their behalf.
  • Should the winner be among the group of people listed in Item #2 & #3 above (not eligible to participate), the drawing will be voided and repeated.