AqabaConf Research Award

AqabaConf Organizing Committee announces the Third edition of AqabaConf Insurance Research Award which will be presented to the top five researches on the subject of:

“Bancassurance: its Impact on Insurance & Financial Inclusion”

The Award - which is in its Third edition this year - will be presented to the top five researches.

Please note that a specialized insurance committee will review, assess shortlist and determine the top five researches. The first five winning researchers will be invited as Guests of Honor to attend the AqabaConf2023. Jordan Insurance Federation will cover transportation expenses to Aqaba city including international flights on economy class ticket, as well as registration fees and accommodation fees at selected hotels.


The first, second, third, fourth and fifth place winners will be notified of their winning at the beginning of the year 2023 and will be announced during the opening ceremony of the AqabaConf2023.

The Award will be distributed as to the following:

• 1st Award: USD 5,000

• 2nd Award: USD 4,000

• 3rd Award: USD 3,000

• 4th Award: USD 2,000

• 5th Award: USD 1,000