Since the first launch in 2008, AqabaConf became the most comprehensive Marine Insurance Conference in the Arab Region and getting bigger year after year.

This time, and as we always promise to impress our delegates, AqabaConf 2021 will expand in all levels; starting with the extravagant conference Promotion, and discussing latest Critical Topics in Insurance sector, and ending up with the our impressive Gala Dinners and Entertainments.

Looking forward to your continuous cooperation
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Jordan Insurance Federation (JIF)
Federation Director Office
Tel: +962 6 568 9266 (Extension 400)

Kindly note that the deadline for applying for sponsorship opportunities is by 1st, March 2022

Exclusive Telecommunication Partner

Year of establishment: 1995

CEO: Fahad AlJasem

Number of employees: 1350

Branches (Locally and worldwide): 8 Middle Eastern and Africa countries (Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan and South Sudan)

Services: Integrated telecommunications services operator

Head quarter location: Building 421 - King Abdullah II street –– Amman, Jordan

Main Partners
Jordan Insurance Company

Year of establishment: 1951

Chairman: Mr . Othman M .Bdeir

General Manager :Mr . Imad M . Abdel khaleq

Number of employees: 300

Branches (Locally and worldwide):

Jordan : Madina Branch - Amman - Aqaba Branch

United Arab Emirates : Dubai Branch – Abu Dhabi Branch – Sharjah
Branch Kuwait

Services: Medical Insurance – Life Insurance – Motor Insurance –Marine Insurance – Casualty Insurance – Property Insurance – Engineering Insurance

Head quarter location : Third circle - Amman

Jordan French Insurance Company (JOFICO)

Company established: 1976

Chairman: Mr. Ayman Jmeian

General Manager: Dr. Odeh Abu Joudeh

The number of company employees: 105

Company Branches: Headquarter / Al-Shemesani - Marka branch - Al Salt Branch - Aqaba Branch

Services: Motor insurance - Life insurance - Medical Insurance - Fire & General Accident insurance - Marine & Hull insurance - Construction & Engineering insurance - Travel insurance - Credit insurance - Aviation insurance

Head Office address: Amman – Al-Shemisani / Al-Sharif Abdul Hameed Sharaf St. Building No. 124 / P.O.Box 3272 Amman 11181 Jordan

NatHealth (National Health Insurance Administration)

Year of establishment: 1997

Chairman: H.E. Karim Kawar

CEO: Mr. Ahmad Tijani

Number of employees: 140

Branches (Locally and worldwide): Amman-Jordan / Ramallah-Palestine

Services: National Health Insurance Administration Co. “NatHealth” was established in 1997 as a third party administration (TPA) company to manage health

insurance policies; corporate self-funded health plans and other employee benefits. NatHealth is a full-service TPA exhibiting a competitive edge
in technology with a history of delivering the highest quality of service through its dedicated team of customer care specialists and benefit
advisors. NatHealth offers a full array of integrated services designed to provide our clients with the highest standard of quality and savings in claims administration and
management of benefit plans.

Head quarter location: Amman- Al-Madinah, Al-Monawarah Street, Building no: 194, P.O.Box: 750, Zip Code: Amman 11953 Jordan, Tel.: +962 (6) 551 1010, Fax: +962 (6) 552 0626

Platinum Partners
Transportation Partner
Jordan French Insurance Company -JOFICO

Company established: 1976

Chairman: Ayman Jmeian

General Manager: Dr. Odeh Abu Joudeh

The number of company employees: 105

Company Branches: Headquarter / Al-Shemesani - Marka branch - Al Salt Branch - Aqaba Branch

Services: Motor insurance - Life insurance - Medical Insurance - Fire & General Accident insurance - Marine & Hull insurance - Construction & Engineering insurance - Travel insurance - Credit insurance - Aviation insurance

Head Office address: Amman – Al-Shemisani / Al-Sharif Abdul Hameed Sharaf St. Building No. 124 / P.O.Box 3272 Amman 11181 Jordan

Technology Partner
Gold Partners
Middle East Insurance Company

Year of establishment: 1962

Chairman: Mr. Zaid Samir Kawar

CEO: Dr. Rajai Sweis

General Manager : Eng. Majed Smairat

Number of employees: 175

Branches (Locally and worldwide): 7 Branches

Services: All Classes of Insurance ( Life & Non Life )

Head quarter location: Amman – Jabal Amman – Zahrain St. , Building no 14

Al-Manara Insurance Company

Year of establishment: 1974

Chairman: Mr. Mazen EL- QADI

General Manager: Mr. Waleed AL-QUTATI

Number of employees: 82

Branches (Locally and worldwide): 3

Services: All types of insurance except Life.

Head quarter location: Al shmaisani

United Insurance Company

Year of establishment: 1972

Chairman: Mr. Ziad Abujaber

General Manager : Mr. Imad Al-Hajeh

Number of employees: 72

Branches (Locally and worldwide): 1

Services: All Kinds of Insurance

Head quarter location: Jordan –Amman – Zahran Str.- Building # 188

Al SAFWA Insurance Company

Year of establishment:1980

Chairman: Mr. Mohmmad Shawabkeh

General Manager: Mr. Diaa AL - DASOUQI

Number of employees:61employees

Branches (Locally and worldwide):Amman - aqba

Services:Alltypes Practicing all classes of insurance businesses, except life insurance.

Head quarter location: Amman / Shmesani / Shalir Bin Zaid Str. No.57

Euro Arab Insurance Group

Year of establishment: 1996

Chairman: Dr. Fouad Bajjali

GM: Dr. Lana Bader

Number of employees: 128 employees

Branches (Locally and worldwide):

(Head office Amman: Tel. +962 6 5518935, Fax. +962 6 5518956), Shmeisani Al Shareif Naser Bin Jameel St. Building (41)) - (Marka Agency Amman Tel. +962 79 5519619) - (Al Sareeh Irbid Tel. +962 2 7022421 Fax.+962 2 7022422) - (As Salt As Salt +962 79 8785925) - (Aqaba Aqaba Tel. +962 3 2062929 Fax. +962 3 2018275) - (North Amman Amman Tel. +962 5 5249799 Fax. +962 6 5249798)

Services: all types of insurance: Medical Insurance - Motor Insurance - Engineering Insurance - Property Insurance - General Accidents Insurance - Marine Insurance - Life Insurance - Travel Insurance - Aviation Insurance

Head quarter location: Shmeisani – Sharif Nasir Bin Jameel Street – Building Number41

Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority

Year of establishment: 2001

Chief Commissioner: H.E. Arch. Nayef Al Bakhit

Number of employees: …….


Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) is the financially and administratively autonomous institution responsible for the management, regulation, and the development of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ). Six ministerial – level commissioners, each responsible for a major area of regulatory or operational activity, govern the ASEZ. ASEZA is a service – oriented organization offering one – stop assistance covering all investment needs. The law, regulations, and Board Instructions that govern the ASEZ are made public in Jordan’s Official Gazette. The ASEZA Board of Commissioners is committed to publicly stating the rationale for major decisions that impact the living and business climate in Aqaba. ASEZA services and staff are available to every business in the Zone – whether a small retail establishment, manufacturing operation, or large tourism venue.

Benefits of Doing Business in the ASEZ

No foreign equity restrictions on investment in tourism, industry, retail, and other commercial services.

Regional multi – modal transportation hub with a full-service seaport and international airport.

5% flat tax on net business income except banking, insurance, and land transport services.

No tariffs or import taxes on imported goods for individual consumption and Registered Enterprises.

No land and property taxes for Registered Enterprises on utilized property.

No foreign currency restrictions

Full repatriation of profits and capital.

Streamlined labor and immigration procedures.

Multi – use commercial, tourist, and residential environment.

Duty – free environment.

Head quarter location: Aqaba Special Economic Zone

Electronic Health Solutions International

Electronic Health Solutions International (EHSI)

  • Year of establishment: 2012
  • Chairman: Dr. Rami Farraj
  • CEO: Mr. Ghassan Al Lahham


EHSI is dedicated to help healthcare organizations to improve the quality of care through the use of technology. EHSI offers world-class implementation of Hakeem and Hakeem Claim. The implementation includes: Analysis of the facility needs, design of the future state, clinical transformation including enhancement of the current workflows, configuration of the platform, integration of medical devices, training, and IT consultations.

  • Head quarter location: Amman-Jordan
FenChurch Faris

  • Year of establishment: 1984

    Chairman: Mr. Basim Faris
    CEO: Mr. Rafat Faris
    Number of employees: 200+
    Branches (Locally and worldwide):

    Fenchurch Faris Ltd.

    Fenchurch Faris HELLAS


    Fenchurch Faris Ltd.


    Fenchurch Faris Ltd.

    Faris Insurance Services Ltd.


    Fenchurch Faris Ltd.

Arab Loss Adjusters

Year of establishment: 1981

Chairman: Walid Hassan Al Jishi

CEO: Khalid Walid Hassan Al Jishi

Number of employees: 135

Branches (Locally and worldwide): 17

Services: Independent Loss Adjusting, Risk Management, NatCat Response, Public, Product & Professional liability, Engineering & Construction, Conventional & Alternative Energy, Financial Lines (Institution & Corporate), Marine, Specialty Lines (Livestock & Bloodstock, Event cancellation, War Risks & SRCC, Cyber Risks), Motor Solutions

• Head quarter location: Dubai – United Arab Emirates

APEX Partner Of Choice

Year of establishment: 2010

Chairman: Mr. Zuhair Adli Al Atout

CEO: Mr. Zuhair Adli Al Atout

Number of employees: 45

Branches (Locally and worldwide): Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Iraq, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast.

Services: Insurance & Reinsurance Brokerage and Consultancy

Head quarter location: Jordan

Medical Partner

Year of establishment:

  • GULF ASSIST located in Manama, Bahrain. Established in
  • 1994.
  • ARAB ASSIST located in Amman, Jordan. Established in 2009

General Manager of Both :

  • Mr. Enrique Ballesteros De Mingo/ GULF ASSIST & ARAB ASSIST
  • Mr. Ahmed Shaban/ ARAB ASSIST

Number of employees:

  • 85 Employee

Branches (Locally) :

  • Locally/ Offices ( United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Jordan)
  • Business: covering all the Middle East


  • Travel Insurance
  • Home & Family
  • Cyber Protection
  • Automotive
  • Health
  • Senior Care
  • Concierge

Head quarter location:

  • GULF ASSIST: Bahrain
  • ARAB ASSIST: Jordan


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