Submitted researches are required to adhere to the following:

Submitted researches are required to adhere to the following:

• Research Language must be either Arabic or English.

• Content must be original and not published previously for any party or competition.

• Document must be a minimum of 15 pages - with Arabic Transparent font (size 14) for researches delivered in Arabic and

Times New Roman font (size 14) for researches delivered in English.

• Researcher name, workplace and contact information must not be displayed in a visible way, (i.e. the mentioned details

•must be listed on the front page in an obscure manner).… as shown here.

• Sending JIF a one-page summary of the research.

• Sending JIF a printed hard copy and a word file soft copy on CD of the research in a sealed envelope without indicating or mentioning the name of the research provider, his address or the place of his work.

• Those interested in applying for the Award are requested to submit their full research (Research +Summery +CD) to Jordan Insurance Federation by 31st of January, 2023

• The required pledge must be signed by each participant to ensure the conforms of the research along with the award conditions and the federation’s right to publish research to expand the benefit, with the necessity of emphasizing that the participant must put it in separate envelope inside the research `s envelope so that the names / entity / country are not visible.

Please note that a specialized insurance committee will review, assess shortlist and determine the top five researches. The first five winning researchers will be notified of their winning at the beginning of the year 2023 and will be invited as Guests of Honor to attend the AqabaConf2023. Jordan Insurance Federation will cover transportation expenses to Aqaba city including international flights on economy class ticket, as well as registration fees and accommodation fees at selected hotels.