The Eighth International Aqaba Conference
Aqaba Conference 2022
Dr. Ibraheem Tarawneh
Expert /Executive Manager
PI Square Co.- Jordan
Strategies of digital transformation in the insurance sector (challenges & opportunities).
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Dr. Mazen G. Abouchakra (FCAA)
Regional Director
Gen Re - Dubai - UAE
Converging or Conflicting Interests in Insurance/Reinsurance Relations
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Mr. Basem Haddadeen
Insurance and reinsurance consultant
Apex Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers and Consultants -Jordan
Non-damage business interruption cover: How Insurers/Reinsurers are dealing with Pandemics/Epidemics?
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Mr. Fahad Aljasem
Zain - Jordan
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Mr. Ghassan Lahham
Founder & CEO
Electronic Health Solutions International (EHSI) - Jordan
Benefit / advantage of medical claim automization & Jordanian market module.
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Mr. Samir Mahmoud
Director of Marketing and Business Development
Suez Canal Insurance - Egypt
How the consumer behavior would impact the insurance industry?
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Mr. Vasilis Katsipis
General Manager
Market Development A.M. Best - MENA, South & Central Asia -UAE
IFRS17 and The Impact of Implementation in Emerging Markets
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Mrs. Christina Chalita
Vice President, Head of Facultative
Nasco Re - France
Impact of Pandemics/Epidemics on D & O Insurance
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