Ninth International Aqaba Conference

15 May – 18 May 2023
Aqaba Special Economic Zone

Ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Jordan Insurance Federation (JIF) and the Organizing Committee of the 9 th Aqaba

International Insurance Conference, we have the honor of inviting you to participate in:-

Aqaba Conference 2023

15-18 May 2023

Aqaba Special Economic Zone

Under the theme

(Together We Create the Future)

We are pleased to take this opportunity to extend our deepest appreciation to all the conference participants since its inception in 2008, who honored us in their second home, Jordan, from neighboring and international countries, and the participating colleagues from the Jordanian insurance market.

We would like also to express our gratitude to our partners including the sponsors, speakers and chairs of sessions in the previous eight rounds of the Aqaba Conference, as well as our media partners who contributed to the success of the event and echoed its success locally, regionally and internationally.

Launched fourteen years ago, the Aqaba Conference was able to maintain a path of success, evident by the steadily increase in number of attendees and the high-profile guests including major leaders and professionals from international and regional (re)insurance companies.

The event has also become on the agenda of insurance professionals around the world who are keen to attend and hold business meetings with large number of colleagues and clients.

In the upcoming conference, JIF and the Organizing Committee look forward to continuing the success achieved in the previous rounds. We will ensure that the 9 th Aqaba Conference will come out with a fresh look that tackles the needs and requirements of our dear guests.

We will exert the necessary effort to record a new success for the conference, present new initiatives to enrich its content and make your stay memorable in charming Aqaba and its luxurious beautiful hotels.

The 9 th Aqaba Conference Organizing Committee expects the event to attract around 750 delegates, which will be reflected on boosting the economic and tourism activity in Jordan.

It will also be an opportunity to showcase the facilities, supportive infrastructure, transportation services and first-class hotel services which the Kingdom offers to its visitors.

Until our events take place this May/2023, the Organizing Committee will work to provide all capabilities to ensure the continued success of the Aqaba Conference, including the development of the scientific and social program as well as guarantee a broad participation from various partners and


All this will be conducted with the framework of an action plan that aims for change and development.

The topics chosen for this conference will address the latest insurance developments worldwide, with a further focus on contemporary issues of interest to all global insurance markets while paying extra attention to the technology and automation issues in the insurance sector.

The conference topics were chosen with great attention to discuss the most critical issues of the day, including:

1. The impact of the application of IFRSI7 Standard on insurance companies.

2. Enterprise Risk Management applications in insurance markets.

3. Overview of the experiences of insurance pools - including the Green Card.

4. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Insurance Business.

5. Agricultural insurance.

6. “Travel Insurance after the COVID-19 Crisis” (Present Situations and Developments).

7. Mergers and acquisitions in the insurance sector.

8. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

We are also pleased to announce the continuation of the Insurance Research Award competition for the Aqaba Conference for the third time; which theme will be “Bancassurance: its Impact on Insurance & Financial Inclusion”.

The theme was chosen based on the growing importance of this topic.

This year, we decided to expand the range of those who are interested in participating in the Award to include researchers from larger number of economic sectors including the insurance, banking and financial services.

This comes in order to draw from the wealth of experiences which these sectors can offer in the field of bancassurance.

Preparations for this conference are focused on providing a mixture of content that includes professional and scientific program presented by a slew of high-profile speakers who enjoy rich experiences representing local, regional and international institutions.

In addition, we will ensure providing all the necessary requirements and facilities for delegates to communicate with their business partner through holding side-meetings during the conference days.

The Organizing Committee will also arrange a social and entertainment program on the sidelines of the conference to enjoy the charming beaches and atmosphere of the Red Sea and to go on adventures in the city of Aqaba and its surroundings.

Until we meet you in Aqaba on May 15, 2023, to participate in the opening ceremony of this conference, we kindly ask you to accept our sincere greetings and best wishes.

AqabaConf Organizing Committee

Eng. Majed Smairat
JIF Chairman- Head of Organizing Committee
Dr. Lana Bader
JIF Board Member- Organizing Committee Member
Mr. Ala’a Abdeljawad
JIF Board Member- Organizing Committee Member
Dr. Waleed Zurub
JOFICO Board Member- Organizing Committee Member
Dr. Moayad Kloub
JIF Director- Organizing Committee Member


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AqabaConf Organizing Committee announces the Third edition of AqabaConf Insurance Research Award which will be presented to the top five researches on the subject of:

“Bancassurance: its Impact on Insurance & Financial Inclusion”

The Award - which is in its Third edition this year - will be presented to the top five researches.

Please note that a specialized insurance committee will review, assess shortlist and determine the top five researches. The first five winning researchers will be invited as Guests of Honor to attend the AqabaConf2023. Jordan Insurance Federation will cover transportation expenses to Aqaba city including international flights on economy class ticket, as well as registration fees and accommodation fees at selected hotels.

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