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 Jordan Insurance Federation 

The Jordan Association for Insurance Companies was established in 1956 to as the first Authority act as a regulatory body for insurance affairs in Jordan. It has been presided ever since by several Authorities member by pioneers from those who were involved in insurance business, at that period. And in 1987 the unified compulsory insurance office was established to hold the responsibility of insuring all vehicles, by stating its works under the control of the above association, which remained performing its duties until 1989, when a high Royal Decree was issued to establish the Jordan Insurance Federation with its regulation being set out to function as a regulatory and managing authority for the insurance sector according to certain objectives defined by this regulation to be achieved in cooperation with the Insurance Commission and later in 2008 a new Regulation for the Federation was issued in to restructure the Federation and enabled the chairman, vice chairman and authorized director to be candidates to the board of directors elections in addition to redefine its goals and objectives as follows:- This Federation aims at taking care of his members interests and Strengthening cooperation among the Federation members to organize and coordinate between them in order to promote insurance business through the following duties and powers: - Cooperation and coordination with Insurance Commission of Jordan and other related parties to insurance sector on the Local, Arab and International levels, Increasing Insurance awareness among the citizens, Holding professional insurance seminars, conferences and training courses aiming to promoting insurance business, Conducting studies, researches and preparing statistics related to insurance business, Participating and cooperating with Insurance Commission in establishing a specialized insurance institute, Issuing brochures, fliers. publications, newsletters and periodicals related to different insurance activities, Settling financial debts among his members through clearing procedures, & Supporting technical cooperation among its members via contribution in exchanging information and experience between them and with the Federation also setting a mechanism to exchange data and information.

For more information please visit our website: www.joif.org.

General Arab Insurance Federation 

The General Arab Insurance Federation “GAIF” (The Arab Insurance Home) is an Arab International Organization working as a main Organization subsidize the Arab Insurance Industry to achieve development & integration by following the policies and the means identified in its Article of Association to satisfy the members’ interest.

The Federation mainly aims to strengthen conjunctions between Arab Insurance Markets and its related Organizations, subsidize co-operation between them and to co-ordinate its activities to protect the members interests.

The Federation mainly aims to strengthen conjunctions between Arab Insurance Markets and its related Organizations, subsidize co-operation between them and to co-ordinate its activities to protect the members interests and develop insurance industry for eminence the Arab entity.

For more information please visit our website: www.gaif-1.org.

Jordan Shipping Association 

The Association was established and officially was registered as Shipping Agents Association on December 1985, where its vision and mission consisting on promoting the development and growth of Maritime Shipping via the Kingdom's National Port of Aqaba by mobilizing business skills and concepts in public and private sectors partnerships, providing high quality services, associating with the Government in creating an attractive business environment for ship owners/operators/ charterers, and assisting members to work for the highest professional standards.

Also to establish a state-of-the-art Port adhering to International Standards and become the best regional and global Shipping Agents Association. The Association consists of 64 shipping companies’ members in Jordan.

For more information please visit our website: www.shipping.com.jo.

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